BEEP webinar videos 22-02-2022


On 22-02-2022 BEEP held a community event for BEEP users. Eight presenters gave a short presentation for the 120 participants across the globe. Marten Schoonman (BEEP) started with an overview of the BEEP app, base and plans for the future. Frank Linton ( followed with an overview and update on hive monitoring developments. Zeynep Ülgezen (Wageningen University & Research) presented the B-GOOD honeybee research WUR’s role in it. Diren Senger (University of Bremen) spoke about the Bee Observer citizen science project and zoomed in on data analysis and anomaly detection. Thorsten Gurzan ( followed with a talk on the open source platform Beelogger and how it is integrated with the open source BEEP beekeeping app. Marco van Hees (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) presented the use of BEEP platform in Higher Education Institutions and vocational beekeeping training. Bas Sprengers (Beekeeper and biologist) talked (and asked questions) about floral resources and doing calculations on those resources. Finally, Eddy van der Geest (‘techno beekeeper’) shared his approach to the analysis of beehive weight data transformation for easier interpretation and comparison.

The videos of the presentations can be found in this Youtube Playlist.

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