BEEP: digital tools for beekeepers

Mission-driven, not-for-profit, for honeybees, beekeepers and researchers

The health of the bee colonies is an important concern for beekeepers. To keep an overview on the administration and insights on the health of the bees, it is useful if all information can be found in one place. This idea has grown into a reality over the past five years. With the BEEP platform, the beekeeper has an overview of all colonies, inspections and locations at the touch of a button. If a measurement system like the BEEP base is linked to the hive, information is also automatically received about the temperature, weight and noise of the bee colony. More information that gives an insight into the health of the bees.

The BEEP foundation is a non-profit organization with three objectives. Firstly, to contribute to the modernization of beekeeping through digital tools. Secondly, contributing to the conservation of nature through better care for pollinators through improved information provision for beekeepers. Thirdly, as a research platform, BEEP contributes to scientific research on pollinators. Big objectives that we tackle with concrete solutions.

The BEEP app

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BEEP supports beekeepers in taking care of bee colonies. The BEEP app is a digital beehive app in which you can keep track of all your actions and observations. It is based on a data model with important terms when taking care of bee colonies. You can design your data entry form yourself. You always have the entered information at hand, and on any device. The BEEP app can replace the paper registration forms and also offers more options. The BEEP app is free to use. 

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The BEEP base


The BEEP base is an automatic bee measurement system that you can place under the hive. It measures the weight, temperature and sound of the bee colony. The information is automatically transferred to your BEEP app, so you are always up-to-date and can intervene when needed.

More information about the BEEP base

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The BEEP app and BEEP base are tools that you can use in your research project. Data collection can be automated, standardized and shared within research groups. You can set up your own checklists and share them with the research participants. Get in touch for more information. 

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Our vision

Bees are crucial to life on Earth. Honey bees, wild bees and other pollinating insects are indispensable. Honeybees are cared for by both hobby and professional beekeepers and BEEP is a platform with digital tools to support the beekeepers in their role as caretakers. With our tools we want to contribute to the following objectives:

  • Modernisation of beekeeping by better and faster informing beekeepers through digital tools. This helps the beekeeper to make decisions based on data and respond more quickly on the needs of the bees. Beekeepers can also cooperate with others through the app. We also hope to inspire young people to delve into the world of the bee.
  • Conservation of nature by providing better care for our pollinators.
  • Systematically capture data for scientific purposes by digitalisation and data collection. For example the European bee research project, B-GOOD.

Mission-driven and open source

BEEP is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization. The development of the tools is made possible through crowdfunding and subsidies. Openness and cooperation are the core values of BEEP Foundation. The tools are built, hosted and maintained and measurement systems are sold by BEEP. The code and designs are open source (MIT /CC-BY-SA license, see footer) available. Data from users and data about bee colonies are only owned by the users and not accessible to third parties (see terms of service). Users can choose to share colonies data in a collaborative group with other BEEP users or in a research project on the BEEP platform.