How you can contribute

#Knowledge Do you have beekeeper experience and/or are you a beekeeping teacher? Than we would appreciate your help to improve the digital checklist. Provide us with your feedback and we will incorporate it in the BEEP app. 

#Languages Would you like to help translate the BEEP app in another language than Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese, Romanian or Spanish? We have a user friendly translation management tool available. 

#Software See Github for access to the source code and technical information on how to contribute to the source code.

#Hardware Do you have experience with electorinics, arduino or raspberry programming and data interpretation and do you want to contribute to the development of the hardware? This presentation and the BEEP base page state the current situation on hardware development. 

#Financial Would you like to further development by acquiring access additional finances?

#Sponsoring Would you like to sponsor BEEP? 

Contact us if you want to contribute to the development of BEEP.

Open source

Building an affordable and reliable measurement system is no easy task. Fortunately, BEEP is not alone in this. Several individuals and groups are involved in improving the open source software and hardware for bee measurement systems. It is important to know that open source does not mean that inspections and measurement data are also shared, they remain the property of the beekeeper.
BEEP is publicly funded and shares newly developed code and designs through an open source license. Are you a developer, electrical engineer or do you like to tinker with your BEEP equipment? Then you can customize the software or the measuring system and thus contribute to the further development.
We share our code through Github and
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