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BEEP: digital tools for beekeepers

It is hard to imagine a world without digital tools. Thanks to our mobile device we can always find out what the weather will be like, what time the train leaves, what we will have for dinner whilst doing some banking on the go. Beekeepers are also looking for digital tools to integrate in their beekeeping practices. For them, we developed the BEEP app and BEEP base. With those tools we support beekeepers to take care of their bees.

The BEEP app 

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BEEP supports beekeepers in caring for their bee colonies. The BEEP app is a digital checklist app in which you can register your inspections. It is a digital alternative to the paperwork that is part of beekeeping. With the app, you will always have the information about your colonies at hand. You can add and edit information at the time and place that suits you best. Furthermore, the usage of the app is free of charge. 

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The BEEP base


The BEEP base is an automatic bee measurement system that you can place under the hive. It measures the weight, temperature and sound of the bee colony. The information is automatically transferred to your BEEP app, so you are always up-to-date and can intervene when needed.

More information about the BEEP base


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The BEEP app and BEEP base are tools that you can use in your research project. Data collection can be automated, standardized and shared within research groups. You can set up your own checklists and share them with the research participants. Get in touch for more information. 

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Our vision

Bees play a crucial part for life on earth. They, and other pollinators, ensure that our fruits and vegetables can grow. Many bees in the sky is an indication for a good, healty environment. Unfortunately, bees are having a hard time. Because of human influence, monoculture, pesticides and diseases, fewer and fewer bees remain. 

Beekeepers keep hives to house colonies, they keep an eye on reproduction and care for the bees when they need it. Both recreational and professional beekeepers want healthy bee colonies that have enough to eat. By taking care of the bees, beekeepers contribute to the preservation of nature. Part of the job of a beekeeper is to go to the hive and open the hives to look how the bees are doing. Even when done with the best intentions, every time the beekeeper opens the hive he or she disturbes the bees.

The BEEP app and BEEP base are developed for both the beekeeper and the bee. With those tools, we want to contribute to the following objectives:

  • modernisation of beekeeping by better informing beekeepers through digital tools. This helps the beekeeper to make decisions based on data and respond more quickly on the needs of the bees. Beekeepers can also cooperate with others through the app. We also hope to inspire young people to delve into the world of the bee.
  • conservation of nature by providing better care for our pollinators.
  • systematically capture data for scientific purposes by digitalisation and data collection. For example the European bee research project, B-GOOD.



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