Who are we

The BEEP foundations is founded by beekeeper and technologist Marten Schoonman and product developer Pim van Gennip. The BEEP foundation is mission driven, that means that we do not aim for a profit. At the moment we receive a subsidy which allows us to develop our products and offer the BEEP app for free to our users. Besides Marten and Pim, there are five other specialist working on the development and the support of the BEEP app and BEEP base.Team%20v2


The board of the BEEP foundation consist of Pim and Marten and a Supervisory Board. Stichting BEEP heeft een bestuur bestaande uit Pim en Marten, en een Raad van Toezicht. The Supervisory Board includes Koos Biesmeijer (science director of Naturalis Biodiversity Center), Frens Pries (Lecturer bee health at Van Hall Larenstein) and Nadine Schalk (Association Manager at the Dutch Beekeepers Association - Nederlandse Bijenhouders Vereniging).

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