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What is Beep?

BEEP supports beekeepers in taking care of bee colonies. Beekeepers’ observations can be digitally registered using a record keeping app, complemented by automatic observations using sensors. Beekeepers can better support the health of bee colonies and react swiftly when conditions worsen. 

Why this app?

BEEP is an online system for beekeepers launched on July 14th 2017. It can replace paper-based record keeping. Because it is a digital system, it allows for new possibilities such as managing and consulting the data on the bee colonies from any location and device. The BEEP webapp can be accessed from any device with an internet browser such as your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. The platform has the same features on all devices and the data is the same everywhere. Fundamentally a manual record keeping app, it will also be possible to use automatically measured data, such as the weight of a hive, using sensors with the app. And the BEEP app will be further enhanced and extended based on your feedback. For more information, see this presentation.


  • To modernise beekeeping practices:
    • Beekeepers have more detailed and timely information on the status of the colonies they take care of contributing to data driven decision making
    • Information exchange and collaboration between beekeepers
    • Inspire and assist new beekeepers
  • Contribute to the conservation of our nature by helping more bees to survive
  • Systematically register data for scientific analysis


Beep has been founded by beekeeper and engineer Marten Schoonman and product developer Pim van Gennip. Together with Koos Biesmeijer they form the board of Beep, which is registered in The Netherlands as a mission-drive, not-for-profit foundation.


Want to contribute?

#Knowledge Are you an experienced beekeeper? Then your help is much appreciated to help improve the digital logbook features. You can start by sharing your ideas via feedback@beep.nl

#Language Do you want to help translate the Beep bee app? An easy-to-use language management module is available.

#Software See Github for the Beep software source code and information to help develop the code

#Hardware Do you have experience with electronics, raspberry pi or arduino. Or perhaps data processing? 

#Financial Do you want to help speed up the development of Beep by sourcing funding?


Marten Schoonman: marten@beep.nl. Mobiel: +31648431680
Stichting Beep, NL80TRIO0338594558 



Heel veel dank aan onze / A big thank you to our:


Partners die bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van Beep zijn: Stichting Beelease, Fablabs De Kaasfabriek Alkmaar en Protospace Utrecht, Hiveeyes open source beekeeping in Berlijn,  Liquid NatureNaturalis Biodiversity Centre, Nout van Heumen, Nederlandse BijenhoudersVereniging, de  Tilburgse StadsimkerijHogeschool van Amsterdam en Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences.