Ordering options

Early 2020, the third version of the BEEP base is going to be used by the research project B-GOOD and the crowdfunding backers. Based on their experience, the design can be improved where needed. Because we are awaiting those results, the BEEP base is expected to be available later this year.

For those that did not participate in the first ordering round, a new round is expected in 2020. We will keep you up to data about the developments and when the new ordering round starts. For the latest news, specifically about the BEEP base, you can subscribe to the newsletter below.

Price indication

During the crowdfunding campaign of 2019 we used the following prices:

  • PCB only - €69,-
  • PCB with sensors - €99,-
  • BEEP base complete- €299,-
  • 2 x BEEP base complete- €569,-
  • 6 x BEEP base complete- €1.679,-

Note: this is an indication and therefore means that the prices of the expected crowdfunding campaign 2020 may differ.