Your project or research with BEEP

The BEEP platform provides a basis to set up a honeybee research project. Available elements from BEEP are:

  • Standardized data input through the BEEP app enabling high quality data collection
  • Automatic bee colony data collection through the BEEP base or other device
  • Adapt the platform system (hard- and software) to the research methodology
  • Multilingual interface
  • Data storage and access
  • Technical support
  • Project advice

The Research feature of the BEEP platform enables the researcher to:

  • Add a Research project to the BEEP app
  • Enable BEEP users to share their data for the benefit of the research
  • Creation of sample ID tracking for laboratory analysis
  • Design one or more checklists for the research and share them with BEEP users associated with the study
  • Access to inspection data and measurement data through download or API with the consent of specific BEEP users

For more information on the possibilities to organise your research using the open source BEEP platform, please contact


B good

B-GOOD: support decision making process for beekeepers  

Project aim

The aim of B-GOOD is to support beekeepers by making better informed decisions. This pan-European project receives funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under agreemeent No 817622 and will run for four years.


The BEEP foundation is a consortium partner and work package leader in the B-GOOD project. B-GOOD started mid 2019 under leadership of the Ghent University. BEEP works closely with Wageningen Research and the other 15 partners to incorporate the BEEP platform in the project and further expand and improve it over the duration of the project.

BEEP’s part

Usage and expansion of the BEEP app including standardised checklists and protocols for research, deploy 400 BEEP bases, development data web portal, decision making model integration, technical support, contribution to project coordination. 

Click here for more information about B-GOOD.

BOBlogo2 480x240

Bee Observer Bremen: Citizenship for honey bee health 

Project aim

The aim of the project is to recognize and decrease the risks and dangers for honey bees. The hives in this research are equiped with sensors. The measurement values are registered and evaluated. Citizens and scientist work together and create an extensive network to improve the health of honey bees. 


Since 2018, BEEP works together with the University of Bremen for this German science and citizenship project. The project is led by the cognitive neuroinformatics group from the University of Bremen. There is also close collaboration with another of BEEP's open souce partners Hiveeyes.

BEEP’s part

The BEEP app is adjusted for the usage in this citizen science project, integration with Hiveeyes' hive systems, technical support.

Click here for more information on the project. 


Van Hall Larenstein: food supply research

Project aim

The aim of the project is to decide which methods can be used to measure food supply for wild and honey bees in 2020.


This project is led by the Dutch lecturer on bee health at Van Hall Larenstein, Frens Pries. Partners in the project are the Dutch Beekeepers Association (Nederlandse Bijenhoudersvereniging - NBV), Beekeepers Netherlands (Imkers Nederland) en BEJO seeds (BEJO zaden).

BEEP’s part

Facilitate specific checklist for the research in the BEEP app, deploy eight BEEP bases, technical support, contribution to project coordination. 


In addition to the projects mentioned above, BEEP is currently collaborating actively with the following partners and sponsors:

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The following sponsors and partners have made BEEP's work possible: